Annual Meeting Draws Record Crowd

This year’s annual membership meeting at the Republic Brewing Company attracted over 30 people. Since this was an informational meeting as well as the annual Membership Meeting, not all attendees were members. Architect Ernie Robeson, who did the initial evaluation of the L.H. Mason Building and plans for its rehabilitation was on hand to answer questions and the plans were available for examination.

Annual meeting at RBC

Several New members paid dues at the meeting. Two of them, Eric Hulse and Jayne Jurgensen, were elected to the Board of Trustees. Former President Madilane Perry was also elected to the board.

This year’s new officers, elected at the board meeting after the membership meeting, are President, Madilane Perry, Vice-president, Ray Bilderback, Secretary-Treasurer and Jean Delaney. Dick Slagle retained his position as archivist. Other Board members are Brian Bremner, Eric Hulse, Jayne Jurgensen and Judith Moses.


We need bricks to replace the damaged and missing bricks in the walls of the L.H. Mason building. These are unusual bricks. They were made locally before the arrival of the railroads in1902 made large quantities of bricks available. They are soft, low- fired bricks and in order to patch them we need other soft, low-fired bricks that will expand, contract and pass moisture at the same rate as the original bricks.

The historic brick expert recommended by our architect tested brick from the old Curlew school and found them compatible with the L.H. Mason bricks but they are no longer available. Any FCHS members or friends who have Soft low-fired bricks, from old chimneys or other structures, are urged to contribute them for the project.

And More Bricks

The “Buy a Brick” campaign raised over $2000 for renovation of the L.H. Mason building at the Republic Fire Department’s Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast. Contributors to this program do not actually receive a brick, They get the name and a short message of their choice inscribed on a small metal plaque that will be displayed in an exhibit near an inside brick wall. Many of the plaques already ordered memorialize Ferry County residents and families. Details are available on the FCHS website.

Beneath it all

The FCHS Board voted last winter to follow Stonerose’s lead and replace its worn carpet with new carpet squares. As soon as the old carpet was removed from the former dining room in the Whittaker/Fletcher house the board changed their mind. The original hardwood floor was just too good to hide and the board decided to sand and wax it instead. Board members Jean Delaney, Jayne Jurgensen and Madilane Perry and volunteer Judy Roberson sanded and waxed the floor with beautiful results. The Stonerose staff helped replace the display cases and the floor now adds to the atmosphere on the museum.

The finished floor at the FCHS museum

L.H. Mason Building

Work continues on gutting the L.H Mason building prior to putting in new wiring, plumbing and space for displays, preparation and storage. Thursday is the regular work day for our volunteer crew. The work day starts at 9:00 a. m.

Download the PDF version of the 2019 Spring Newsletter

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